Healing Bonds Series

Each book in this contemporary young adult series can be read as a standalone or as part of the series.

1. Speak Without Words

How can you speak up for yourself when you struggle to say your own name?

Claire’s stutter sabotages her transition to her new school, and at home, her aunt’s eviction threats push her father further into depression. Her volleyball teammates support her, but they have troubles of their own. When tragedy sparks another family feud, can Claire speak up for herself?

2. Even Thistles Bloom

How can you redeem yourself when no one lets you forget your mistakes?

Todd didn’t want to become a villain, but he followed along even when his twin brother’s “pranks” turned cruel. Now his crush won’t speak to him, but when their economics teacher partners them together, Todd seizes the chance to win her back.

3. The Lies She Wore

2022 In the Margins Book Award

To help her mother escape, Cathryn must avoid attention, but the closer she gets to Gus, the harder it is to lie. When her father’s violence escalates, Cathryn must decide: stick to her plan or hope the truth will free her.

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