Speak Without Words

How can you speak up for yourself when you struggle to say your own name?

Claire can prove herself on the court. It’s introductions that kill. Her stutter sabotages her efforts to survive in her new high school, especially when she tries to talk to the cute guy she likes. Volleyball is her only refuge, but her teammates—Beth, Maite, and Saafi—have troubles of their own.

Beth Jones’s new boyfriend makes her feel like she can finally let her guard down, but the longer she lives as “Jeff’s girl,” the less she recognizes herself.

At six foot six, Maite Restrepo can punch out whatever she can’t laugh off, but her fists can’t heal her abuela’s mystery illness.

Everyone says Saafi Khalif will be America’s first Muslim president, but does she have the courage to confront the guys who threatened her student group?

Claire and her friends define team with the word family, but at home, Claire’s family is falling apart. When her father struggles to find a job, Aunt Monica threatens to evict them. Her tirades only push him further into depression, but Claire can’t seem to communicate with either of them. When tragedy sparks another family feud, can she speak up for herself?

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