15 Quotes to Start the School Year

To all my teacher friends, I hope these quotes help you start the year off well.

Borrowed Words: Quotes on Learning

This month I am taking a break from my usual weird word posts and borrowing some inspirational words from others. As a speech-language pathologist in an educational setting, I have acquired a tremendous respect for teachers. They have a challenging, but essential job. To all my teacher friends, I hope these quotes help you start the year off well.

The key is to get the kids thinking learning was their idea 😉

Anyone who teaches kindergarten knows not all questions are on-topic. Turn those moments of distraction into learning opportunities!

Remember, that snotty kid in the back row could be our next president.

An oft-used quote, but a good one. People learn best when engaged.

When you teach a child, you change their future.

Not only are you changing a child’s future, you are giving them a gift they will keep the rest of their lives. If you’re lucky, they’ll re-gift it to a friend.

My idea of heaven includes a massive library.

There is always that kid. Winston Churchill was that kid. He read several grade levels above his class, yet he was often failing. Keep that in mind when you get frustrated with a student’s stubbornness.

So true. I have learned so much from the elders in my life.

I love this quote because it legitimizes my love of stories. You can’t argue with Einstein.

A great reminder that learning never stops.

A wise colleague of mine once said, “The minute you think you know everything is the minute you need to retire.”

Learning should be fun.

I’ve had the privilege of accompanying some of my students on field trips. They’re exhausting, but I’m amazed at what kids learn by exploring the world outside of school.

Break free from the standardized tests once in a while 🙂

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